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Pisa Explorer The area once probably occupied by the american Disciplinary Training Center of Metato where Ezra Pound was held.
Before being definitively dismantled in the '50s, the infrastructures of the DTC were used as a refugee camp for the Istrians expelled from Yugoslavia.

Mike Stoakes are you sure this is the right place? it's mt taishan but the location of the camp as far as i can research is about 43.762819,10.347637 on google maps

Pisa Explorer Hallo Mike, I'm not sure this is the right place..... I only suppose it is by talking to the locals, from the view of the mountain, from the distance from both track of the airfield and the Serchio river. I apologize for being so inaccurate. I just had I apologize for being so inaccurate. I just had the feelling that was the right place but I'm not able to show any scientific evidence. I will add a "probably" on the description of the photo. Thanks a lot for writing. If you ever come to Pisa let me know so, if you like, we can go to Metato togheter.

Mike Stoakes hi explorer. the descriptions from several sources put it on the road to viareggio - hugh kenner's map shows it just south of the bridge and allen's description i'll post below to name but two but you might have thought the local people would know. i have just looked around the area on street view so can approximately guess where you took your picture. best mike

What stands out so clearly in these "remembrances of things past" is the unmistakable ring of authenticity in every account, a rare quality in the literature of war. Even after 70 years, every recollection remains vivid. Time has done little to dim those parlous times and recollections; they add dep...

Mike Stoakes thanks also for the invite

Mike Stoakes if you are here we can visit stone cottage where it all started - pound and yeats holed up together for three consecutive winters

Mike Stoakes http://www.flickr.com/photos/pdsmith/2280804637/

WB Yeats & Ezra Pound rented Stone Cottage, Coleman's Hatch, near Ashdown Forest...See More

Pisa Explorer Thanks for all the material. I will

Pisa Explorer I'll have a look at it later. So interesting. Thanks a lot!

Pisa Explorer Hi Mike, in 2011 a spasish writer, Justo Navarro, has written a very interesting book about Pound in Italy, in Metato and about his relationship with the fascist regime. It's called El espia (The spy) and might have been translated in english too. In the next days I'll go to Metato and see if I have a better luck in finding the Dtc... All the best.

Mike Stoakes hi PE. i don't know if you chose those initials because you are a great fan of EP the poet we are discussing! I don't think pound was a spy. hugh kenner has a map in his book that roughly shows the location of the camp. he puts it just over the bridge from viareggio. i don't know if i can post it to you through a message.

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hi PE. here is the map from hugh kenner




Mike Stoakes i think your photo was taken here 43.769777,10.354915 near cassini but from kenner's map it's nearer here 43.755853,10.355741

Pisa Explorer Thanks Mike. So 43.769777,10.354915 is not the place... That's exactly from where I took the photo. From the map on the book it's clear that the DTC was along or very close along the Aurelia, the road that takes to Viareggio, exatly where shows 43.755853,10.355741.

I'll try to find out and report.

Pisa Explorer Neither do I think that EP was a spy, the idea itself is just ridiculous. Surely the writer in this case seems to have been the victim of a sort of a scoop/commercial approach. And also the fact that EP and Angleton knew each other may have played a role.
However, the book it is interesting to read about how EP moved after the armistice with the Allies and the kind of relationships he activated or tried to activate in Rome.
PE has nothing to do with EP. I've always been intrigued by how such a sublime poet has been able to fully identify himself with the Italian fascism and its leader so to become himself a caricature of the perfect Mussolinian and become part of the "operetta".


hi PE. this is another article that might help.


Mike Stoakes hi PE and thanks for that. wendy flory talks about pound suffering psychosis after the death of gaudier-brzeska, but i would have thought there would have been a lot of appealing things in early fascism to the persona pound constructed and his form of modernism. i have a couple of scanned pictures from the letters which might have some clues for you even though one seems to be mostly of sky. pound could see the road to pisa from the cell. mike



in this photo there are some buildings quite close to the camp. the satellite view in google maps shows some interesting crop marks in the field north of via delle catene madonna d acqua, a suitable name for a road by a prison.

the photo of sky by col. julien h le page was taken from dtc 004 (in 1994). he was an officer at the camp.

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